Belofor KB liquid

Belofor KB liquid - optical brightener hexa-sulfo-type


Belofor of coating formulations applied to the surface coating of paper (pigmentation) and a size press (surface sizing) (unlike OTSD and OB liq, which are mostly used for bleaching in weight)

  • Has among the highest bleaching effect stilbentriazinovyh bleaches (bleaches higher than tetra (OB liq) and di-sulfo-type (OTSD).
  • It has a much higher solubility in comparison with the liquid and OTSD ON due to a larger number of sulfo groups.
  • Easy to use, it is suitable for continuous use.
  • Good compatibility with materials: CMC, PVA, starch.




Belfort KB liq m.A

C. I. 264

Belfort KB liq m. B

CI 357


TU 2463-387-05800142-2012


The transparent liquid from yellowish to yellowish

Brown color

A type


The nature of ion


Maximum absorption nm



75 ± 10

Density at (20,0 ± 0,1) ° C, g / cm 3


Activity index of hydrogen ions, ed. pH


Solubility in water

It dissolves completely

Dynamic viscosity (Brookfield, 20 ° C), mPas

below 50

Application of surface sizing (size press)

  • Bleach designed to impart high or very high degree of whiteness, which can not be achieved when using other bleaches due to undesirable greenish hue.
  • It has an average affinity for cellulose fiber, however when used in a size press provides a paper with high uniformity in whiteness.
  • It can be used in conjunction with the CMC, PVA, and slightly anionic and cationic synthetic sizing agents, and fluids containing pigments. Efficacy is essentially independent of the pH of the base paper.
  • bleach composition can solve production problems, such as foam or interference with adhesives.
  • The product is preferably administered in undiluted liquid size press, or on the basis of soluble starches or modified at one time or continuously when the equipment allows.

Recommended dosage: Average dose - max. 40 g / l of a liquid gluing.

The application for the surface coating of paper (pigmentation)

  • Belofor can be used for high and very high degree of whiteness of the coated papers (papers with the application of a white pigment on the surface)
  • Belofor based on DS-acid It does not have sufficient affinity to pigments used for drawing, and as a binder based on acrylic acid ester copolymers and butadiene. The carriers or co-binders are usually applied in an amount of 1%, for maximum brightness must also enter bleach hexa-sulfonic acid type. Suitable carriers - PVA, CMC, starch and synthetic co-binders.
  • Belofor no effect on the fluidity (mobility) of coating mixes.
  • Belofor overprint may be administered compounds within pH 7-11.
  • Belofor preferably added in undiluted form.

Recommended dosage: The average dosage of bleach 1.5-4 parts per weight of a white pigment.

Safety requirements

Belofor KB liq - Low-danger substance. 4 class of danger.

Discharge Form:

The product comes in two forms

  • Urea form. Since lower crystallization temperatures.
  • Without urea form. The eco-friendly product. Do not give the nitrogen pollution in the application of the consumers.

Packaging & storage

Packing in accordance with the requirements of the consumer (evrokuby, tanks).

The product is stored as packed in closed storage rooms at a temperature of not less than -5 ° C and not more than + 30 ° C.

Shelf life - 6 months from date of manufacture.

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