Belofor OB-liquid, OBd-liquid


They are used in manufacture of office, offset printing, graphic papers, sanitary and household paper types, paper and cardboard for packaging.

The use of the optical brightener based on its ability to absorb in the 300-400 nm UV radiation, thus transforming it in the visible spectrum (400-500nm), i.e. blue or violet. Optical brightener compensates blue color in reflected light, resulting in increased brightness of the processed surface.




Belofor OB liq

Belofor OBD liq grade A


TU 2463-277-05800142-2006

TU 2463-271-05800142-2006


The liquid from yellow to yellow-brown color

A type


The nature of ion


Maximum absorption nm


Density at (20,0 ± 0,1) ° C, g / cm 3



Activity index of hydrogen ions, ed. pH


Crystallization temperature, ° C, max



Solubility in water

It dissolves completely

Dynamic viscosity (Brookfield, 20 ° C), mPas

below 50




to hard water





to anionic products

a nonionic products

to cationic products

very good

very good

determined by preliminary tests




Optical brighteners are used to improve the whiteness of paper by adding: to the pulp; coated in the paste during coating; a surface treatment of paper and cardboard in the size press.

Dosage of Belofor depending on the bleaching process

Recommended dosage at bleaching in weight:
Belofor OB liq (OBD grade A) 0.05-1.5% (0.5-15 kg / ton) based on the weight of dry pulp

Recommended dosage when the surface bleaching (size press)
Belofor OB liq (OBD grade A) 0.5-12 g / l amount of sizing liquid.

Recommended dosage with coating:
Belofor OB liq (OBD grade A) 0.2-2.0 parts based on the pigment


  • Beloforom whitening is done only after prior chemical pulp bleaching.
  • Belofor should be loaded first from chemical cellulose suspension.
  • Place input bleach should be as close as possible to the top of the paper production process (with a sufficiently high concentration of cellulose).
  • Belofor is compatible with various types of starch, CMC, PVA and synthetic binders.
  • Stable liquid form provides the use of metering equipment to enter bleach pulp.
  • Paper bleached beloforami good tinting direct, basic dyes and pigments.
  • Belofory effective at neutral and acidic sizing of paper and paperboard.
  • Belofor OB liquid, OBD liquid is effective in water medium and high rigidity.
  • Belofors have permission to use in the production of paper and paperboard intended for food packaging.
  • Belofor OBD grade A is bezmochivinnoy discharge form, with its use significantly reduced amine process water contamination and the likelihood slizeobrazovaniya on paper machine parts.

Safety requirements

Belofor OB liq, Belofor OBD - low-hazard substances. 4 class of danger.

Packaging & storage

Packing in accordance with the requirements of the consumer (evrokuby, tanks).

The product is stored as packed in closed storage rooms at a temperature of not less than -5 ° C and not more than + 30 ° C.

Shelf life - 6 months from date of manufacture.

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