Mission and goals


Be an integral part of the success of our customers, relying on a close-knit team of professionals, using advanced technologies, combining experience and new knowledge in the field of chemical production.


We create quality, competitive chemical products for existing and future customers.


Social Responsibility

We comply with legislation, take into account the interests of society, manufacture products using environmentally friendly technologies, steadily improve the quality of products and ensure social protection of members of the workforce and their families.

Customer Focused

We focus on meeting the expectations of our customers, anticipating them, offering them individual solutions and an individual approach to cooperation.


We are a single team united by common goals. We understand that the key to success is professionalism, mutual respect, responsibility, honesty of each employee, based on the traditions and achievements of the older generation.

Strip for Perfection

We strive to meet the highest standards in everything we do. We are constantly improving in every aspect of our activities, setting new goals and achieving them.


We strive to occupy leading positions in the markets in priority areas.


High-tech production and sale of high-quality products based on scientific development and the Principles of Sustainable Development, taking into account the requirements and expectations of stakeholders.

  1. Increase in enterprise value.
  2. Achieving positions in the markets of Russia, near and far abroad in the priority areas of the enterprise. Increase in the share of export deliveries.
  3. Ensuring profit growth.
  4. Production of products using innovative resource-saving technologies that ensure environmental safety of the environment and humans.
  5. Increasing the social security of the labor collective.
  6. Strengthening a team of like-minded people.
  7. Ensuring environmental safety of the environment and humans.
  8. Ensuring the health and safety of employees of the enterprise.

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