New additive ADA KRATA, developed by VNII NP, is designed to improve environmental and operational characteristics of motor gasoline by increasing its anti-knock properties, while ensuring the necessary washing and anticorrosion effectiveness.

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The addition of ADA-Super - a new product, which appeared as a result of technological developments, together with JSC "All-Russian Research Institute for oil refining (VNII NP).

ADA-Super improves the basic performance characteristics of motor fuels and motor gasoline to get high quality, meeting the requirements of Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards.

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The addition of the ADA can produce the whole range of motor gasoline: AI-80, AI-92, AI-95, AI-98. It is used to improve knock resistance of gasoline and the octane number of gasoline fractions.

Ingredients: monomethylaniline stable antioxidant.

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