Anti-knock additive ADA

TU 38.401-58-61-93 amended. 1-9





transparent oily liquid from yellow to light brown

Mass fraction of antioxidant, %,


Monomethylaniline Mass fraction,%, not less


Density at 15 C kg / m3, at least


The octane number of the mixture of isooctane and normal heptane in the ratio of 70:30 by volume, adding 1.5% by weight. ADA additives should be increased in units of at least


The main advantages of the use of this additive

  • the ability to produce high-octane gasoline of low octane: AI-80 from straight-run gasoline, 92 octane Ysaye-80, AI-95 from the A-92;
  • Full compatibility with other additives and additives;
  • onset of action of the entire molecule additive at a lower temperature in the beginning of the formation of peroxy compounds;
  • improved exhaust gas formula.

ADA additive can be used with MTBE to reduce input and increase the ether octane increase by synergy products, which leads to a significant reduction in the production cost of gasoline.

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