PRIMER PROFGUARD epoxy 0121 Oil coating is designed to protect the internal surface of storage tanks for oil and oil products. It is also used as a primer in epoxy and polyurethane systems and as an independent coating without UV exposure, for steel, aluminum and zinc and reinforced concrete structures of the underwater parts of ship hulls, docks, hydraulic structures, bridges, agricultural equipment, vehicles, pipelines, equipment at facilities NPP, refineries, etc.


PRIMER PROFGUARD epoxy 0121 Oil is a two-component epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate, with a polyamine-based hardener.


  • does not contain chromates
  • high chemical resistance and mechanical strength
  • excellent adhesion
  • resistant to oil and oil products, fresh and sea water
  • surface temperature not exceeding 90 ° C, short-term exposure up to 120 ° C is allowed
  • complex coating system with a thickness of 240 microns ensures the service life of the coating in a mild-cold climate of an industrial atmosphere for more than 15 years *

* Conclusion NPO “Lakokraspokrytie” LLC


12 months from the date of manufacture in the unopened factory package in a dry room at a temperature of minus 40 ° C to plus 40 ° C.


The material is flammable! Do not work near open flame. Internal work to be done with good ventilation. Do not allow to enter the organs of digestion and respiration. Mandatory use of personal protective equipment.