Industrial Park "Tambov" is an investment site of industrial type, founded on the basis of Public Joint Stock Company "Pigment". It was organized in 2009 at the initiative of the company with the support of the Administration of theTambov region.

The main goal of Industrial Park is the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region, that will result in extension of production, turnover, gross regional product by creating new and development of existing production facilities. Investment site on the basis of PJSC "Pigment" has a favorable geographical location, providing an access to various markets, the availability of human resources and social infrastructure. A high level of engineering and technological equipment allows to provide the resident of Technopark with various forms of utilities, complex transport and logistics services. Own power generation unit was put into operation in 2014, that significantly save on energy costs. Residents are assisted by Tambov region administration in the form of tax remissions. Besides, they will get an access to credit on favorable conditions. Industrial Park"Tambov" means State guarantees combined with support of one ofthe most successful producers in the region. It is new opportunity for business creation and development in variousfields.

Benefits and Government Support

- Implementing Your project in Investment site "Industrial Park "Tambov" You can get the following State preferences for the payback period of the investment project:

- Income tax rate reduction by 4.5 per cents (in terms ofthe tax amount, payable to the regional budget);

- 100% tax exemption on the property in respect of property acquired (created) in the scope ofthe investment project;

- Provision of additional collateral security from the regional pledge fund for loans in Russian banks (not more than 50% of the required collateral mass);

- Subsidies to compensate for the interest rate on loans drawn up in Russian banks at the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Russia (for small and medium-sized companies), subsidizing the part ofthe lease payments;

- Benefits as 50% land tax rate reduction for land belonging to the investment site, for the period of actual use.


Today 19 companies are working on the investment platform:

"Adeleid "LLC Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations

STC"AVTOL" Production of automobile and construction mastics and sealants

NPF "Tehnochim" Logistics, warehousing services

LLC'Tubeline" Production of aluminum tubes

LLC"Himcenter" Repair and construction works

Ltd "Kvat" Production of sulfonate based additives for engine oils

LLC "Rems troy put" Repair of R/ways

LLC "AvtoAlliance" Logistics

SP Likhachev IE Logistics

SP Lukashevsky AA Printing and bindery operations services

LLC"MRI-VT" Medical services

LLC "Railway Resource" Letting on lease of own property

PKF "Development" Packaging production

Ltd"Polytex" Polyethylene film and P/E film based products manufacture

LLC"Tehnochim Tambov" Logistics, warehousing services

PJSC "Pigment" Chemical Products Manufacturer

LLC'Fedorov" Manufacture of glass and glass products

LLC "EcoChimPlus” Washing and preparation of r/w of rolling stock, tank containers, tank trucks and containers

LLC "Tambovnavigation" Manufacture of electronic equipment


Technical basis of PJSC "Pigment" allows to perform full range of environmental measures: ^ The complex of complete wastes disposal. ?! Systematic monitoring of air, water and geological environment. p! Gas and dust catchers: absorber traps, cyclones, filters. Flammable substances capacitive park is provided with system of nitrogen breathing. # Modern methods of treatment with application of membrane technology. The company has its own accident rescue team, registered in the Russian Emergencies Ministry.


Available Infrastructure


Own heating plant (pressure 13 atm., capacity - 50 t/h) - provides the heat, steam and cogeneration water. Vacant rapacity is available. Power supply circuit - provides electricity up to 25,000 kW/h. It includes 12 distribution devices and 50 substations, interconnected by cable lines. Vacant rapacity is available. Own power generation plant. Own wells for artesian water supply providing the site with up to 3000 m3/h. Vacant rapacity is available. ft Gas networks with high bandwidth provide gas up to 5000 m3/h. Vacant rapacity is available. Gas supplier: OAO'Tambovoblgaz." Compressed air - up to 2890 m3/ h; nitrogen up to 320 m3/h. Vacant rapacity is available. Plant with ammonia-refrigeration units, which included two lines of refrigerants: -15° C, and -30° C. The cold generating plants with 42 t/h rapacity. Coolant-brine. Vacant rapacity is available.


20km long railways with an adjoining access to the State rail ways. Road network. Weighing facilities for rail and road transport. ft Crane and lifting equipment

MATERIAL HANDLING SERVICES, including customs warehouses and temporary storage houses: The total volume of roofed warehouses is 2706 m3. ft The total area of open warehouse platform for inspecting the vehicles is 1720 m2. ft Tanks and vessels for storage of liquid products, including flammable liquids and inorganics with the total volume of 12 500 m3.

What Can We Offer in the Scope of Industrial Park Rental rates for land, industrial, office and warehouse premises are at the level prevailing in the region and are discussed individually. You can select the following Utilities pi Gas pi Water ^ Recycled water pi Power (own power generation)


- Research work on the basis of our own R&D center, which included 8 specialized laboratories (complete control of all stages of development from synthesis of the product to quality control in production).
- Design of buildings and constructions of I and II level of responsibility (design and engineering service of "Pigment").
- Managing, financial and accounting services, business planning.
- Business legal services. Heat in hot water
- Steam
- Condensate
- Compressed air
- Nitrogen
- Ice Other Services Rental vehicles
- Rent of crane facilities
- Laundry Telephone network services
- IT service LAN connection of "Pigment" (if LAN within a building)
- Service, setting, development of specialized programs (1C, SCADA, etc.). Mechanical repair workshop