1949 - the Minister of Chemical Industry signed the Decree on starting of Tambov Aniline Plant into operation

1949-1964 the Aniline Plant manufactured organic pigments, direct dyes, a number of ^ chemical intermediates, diketene, phthalic and maleic anhydride, dyes for synthetic fibers, = intermediates for reactive dyes, sulfirol

1964 - extension of production facilities, expanded range and launch of new products, Tambov aniline plant was renamed in Tambov Chemical Plant.

1964 -1976 - the enterprise started to produce azo-pigments, catalyst for maleic and phthalic anhydrides, pyrazolones, acrylic emulsions and dispersions

1976 - Tambov Chemical Plant was renamed into Industrial Association «Pigment».

1980 - 1988 optical brighteners, disperse dyes, intermediates completed the range of produced chemicals.

1992 - the State Industrial Association «Pigment» was rearranged into Open Joint Stock Company

1993 - registration of the Trade Mark KRATA . The production of Fuel additives was commissioned. 1994-1995-the company began to produce Phenol Formaldehyde and Urea Formaldehyde based resins, Sulfamic acid, PVA dispersion.

1996- production of raw materials for Coatings and finished paints and varnishes

2002 - the Industrial Group «KRATA» united strategic partners in the field of joint industrial, scientific and investment activity - JSC «Pigment», Tambov and JSC «NPF Technohim».

2004 - implementation of metal complex dyestuffs project 2005 - implementation of concrete admixtures production project.

2006 - the start point of large-scale investment policy aimed at the Company's development. Renovation of existing and contsruction of new energy infrastructure. The Quality Management System of «Pigment» recognized as conforming to ISO 9001:2008. A new sulfamic acid production line was put into operation. The implementation of joint project on Investment platform at JSC «Pigment» was started with the support of Tambov Regional administration.

2009 - the startup of the updated Phthalocyanine Blue production plant. We jointed — 2010 international environmental program «Responsible Care».

2010 - the production of highly concentrated methanol free formalin with capacity of 40 000 tons per year. startup of the 6th production line of fuel additives that increased the total production capacity up to 40 000 tons per year.

2012 - the construction of own Power generator with capacity of 6 MW/h.

2013 - new production of acrylic dispersions «Akratam» series and Commissioning of power generating plant.